We design from the soul to create purposeful, innovative spaces.  

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Robert Bucher
West Palm Beach FL | Portland ME | Albany NY

about design logic

Design Logic was established to create innovative, significant projects that revitalize and bring meaning to specific spaces. Devoted to bringing our residential and commercial clients an extensive and unique perspective during the design process, we are a firm that recognizes the value of collaboration. From the first day to the last, Design Logic works closely with clients to ensure their expectations are met and their vision is meticulously executed. By maintaining a commitment to transparency and originality, we create architecture that is both timeless and evocative.

Our Design Strategy

Our multidisciplinary experience allows us to design from the soul to create purposeful, innovative spaces.  


Designed for growth

More than just structures, we envision spaces that drive business forward. Prioritizing functionality and flexibility, we craft environments that amplify success.


Designed to live

Home is more than a dwelling; it's a story. Merging trends with timeless design, we create homes that resonate with warmth and style.


Designed to delight

Believing in the power of details, we design to evoke emotion. Each project, regardless of scale, is a crafted experience that delights the senses.